Category pages are generated using templates, making it easy for you to adapt them to suit your site

You are in the * category.

*You can select to have a specific banner displayed in each category

*There are three different kinds of listings in each category.
Sub-Categories, sub categories of the current category.
Toplisting sites
, ones that you have entered to be displayed at the top of search listings.
LinkTrading/Affiliate sites, ones that you have selected to listed above standard search results.
Standard sites, sites that you have not selected to rank high.
You may choose to display these sites differently, (like in this example where the toplisting sites are in a larger font and the linktrading/affiliate sites are listed in bold) or you may choose to listed them seamlessly together.
Category banners, toplisting and linktrade/affiliate sites are optional features. You may choose to rank all sites fairly.

Example Category : This is an example category
2nd Example : Another category

*You may also place html between the three types of listings

No sites in this category

*Sites are submitted to each category (for your review) in the same way that sites are submitted to Yahoo. At the bottom (or top if your prefer, or both for that matter) of each category a specifically generated link will take the surfer to a specifically generated submit site form for this category.
Add your site to this category.

Modify site
*You can choose to list new sites at the top of your sites list for a set duration.

*Special features

When a category is generated, an actual html file is created, this greatly speeds up category display times and lowers cpu usage as the category page does not need to be generated each time it is visited. By placing special keywords in your template pages you can choose exactly what information to display.

Feature options:- Category name, shortened category name, site name, site url, site description (you can also display up to 10 extra site fields that you define), sub category name, sub category description, sub category url, add site link, category specific banner, and more. Click here for a full list of features.

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